Ask A Midwife

Q: I am currently pregnant and planning on breastfeeding. My question isn’t about pregnancy or childbirth, but rather a post-partum question about breastfeeding. Are there similar restrictions on food intake and over the counter drugs while breastfeeding, as compared to during pregnancy? A: There are similar restrictions on food intake and over the counter drugs… Read more

Q: I recently had a practitioner recommend that I take fish oils daily during the last trimester of my pregnancy. But, I also heard that I can get too much Vitamin A from fish oils and harm my baby. How do I know what’s a good balance? A: This is a very good question, and… Read more

Q: I am 30 weeks pregnant and having extreme leg cramping at night. It is made worse by, when I try to stretch them out, my muscles contract so painfully that my legs ache for a day or so after. What do you recommend? A: Leg cramps during pregnancy can occur when the calcium and… Read more

Pregnancy is a period of great change for women and their families. With these changes, and throughout the stages of pregnancy, labour, birth, and the postpartum, families are presented with many choices to ensure optimal care. One of the fundamental principles of midwifery care is to engage women as active participants in their care by… Read more

Q: From DeeAnne We just found out that we are having a boy and I am very concerned about circumcision. What are my options? What happens when a boy is circumcised? Are there any health concerns if we don’t circumcise? A: To cut or not to cut? This is a very personal question and I… Read more

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