Ask A Midwife

Q: From DeeAnne We just found out that we are having a boy and I am very concerned about circumcision. What are my options? What happens when a boy is circumcised? Are there any health concerns if we don’t circumcise? A: To cut or not to cut? This is a very personal question and I… Read more

Q: From Rosanne I love yoga and practice it as often as I can, at least three times a week throughout this pregnancy, and have heard that inversions such as headstand, shoulder stand and others can be very dangerous for the baby. Can you tell me why I need to be careful and what to… Read more

Q: From Renee: I am having strong back pain, especially in the evenings, and am only 9 weeks pregnant. I had heard that heat like a hot water bottle or a hot bath can be dangerous during pregnancy. I love my hot water bottle and it always seems to do the trick. Can I still… Read more

Q. From Emily: My friend in the States is 36 weeks pregnant and her baby is currently breech. Her doctor wants to schedule her for a “version and induction” at 38 weeks and a c-section at 39 weeks. My friend wants things to progress naturally. Apart from standing on her head, which she has been… Read more

Q: From Samantha When can we hope to have midwife assisted HBAC’s (Home Birth after Cesarean) in the Comox Valley? What is the statistic on successful hospital VBAC’s at St. Joe’s vs. repeat cesarean birth?   A: Thank you Samantha for your questions. This is a particularly complex subject matter that I hope we can… Read more

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