Group Prenatal Care


Plum Midwifery is now offering group support, a place to share your pregnancy concerns and an opportunity to be an active participant in your own care. The overall goal is to help clients feel a greater sense of empowerment and confidence in themselves and their ability to care for their new baby and their family. Every session includes:

  • Mom and Baby check, blood pressure, weight and private time with a midwife
  • Time to socialize with other members of the group
  • Snacks
  • Facilitated discussion about pregnancy, labour & birth, baby care and more with other parents-to-be

In addition to your individualized appointments, there are six sessions planned throughout your pregnancy including one postpartum session. The group sessions provide both your prenatal care and childbirth education content and community resources.

“The group prenatal groups were a lifesaver for me! I miss the ladies in my group already!!! Can’t wait to see them in our postnatal visits with their sweet bundles! Also, student midwife, Carla, was the most wonderful facilitator. Such an understanding, respectful, supportive and knowledgeable woman.” Shelley, 2017

Learn more about the benefits of Group Prenatal Care in this study: Getting more than they realized they needed: a qualitative study of women’s experience of group prenatal care.

To take part in Group Prenatal Care:

please contact the Plum office

(250) 890-0832.

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