Midwifery in the Genes

The small town of La Reine, Abitibi Quebec is celebrating 100 years. They have a group facebook page and this picture and story of this midwife, Joanne’s great grandmother were posted. A relative also commented about Joanne being a midwife. It is a nice story see below.

Georgiana Branconnier Marcil, born on September 15, 1872 married George Sr. Marcil in St-Didace on November 6, 1888. They established themselves in the town of La Reine, Abitibi with their 12 children in July 1916. Georgiana, at the request of the priest, was asked to help young mothers to give birth. She never lost a baby or a mother in childbirth. All these little babies called her “Mémère” (the endearing term for grandmother) as they grew up. Later, a doctor came and presented her with a letter from a lawyer prohibiting her from practicing midwifery. Georgiana passed away in La Reine on February 18, 1954. She is resting at the cemetery of La Reine at the side of her husband George Marcil who passed away on October 18, 1927 at La Reine.
(source of the story: Clara Marcil Coderre today deceased)

Georgiana would be very proud since her great grandchild Joanne Daviau is a midwife today. Her clinic is located on Vancouver Island, BC. Joanne is the daughter of Claire (Clara) Marcil Daviau and Philippe Daviau. Claire is the daughter of Georges Marcil and Aldéa Dubois Marcil.


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