YarraYarra, who was once a student midwife at Plum, will be providing locum coverage for March 2018. We are pleased to welcome her back!

My path as a midwife began in 1998 when I attended a friend’s home birth with some of BC’s first Registered Midwives. Graduating from the UBC Midwifery Education Program in 2009, I worked in full-time clinical practice in Vancouver until giving birth to my own daughter in 2017. I continue to be to be awed by the strength of women and inspired by the creation of a family that occurs with the birth of a new baby.

I have been in full-time clinical practice in Vancouver since 2009, as well as providing occasional locum support in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. During this time I have worked out of many different hospital settings, ranging from small health centres to BC Women’s Hospital in Vancouver. In addition to working out of various hospital settings, I have worked with many families planning a home birth, averaging 35-50% of my caseload. The clinical care that I provide is client-centered care, with an emphasis on providing and supporting informed choices.

In 2008 I had the opportunity to work at Plum as a student midwife. Having grown up in the Comox Valley, I am excited to have returned home, and I look forward to serving this community as a locum midwife. When I’m not busy being a midwife, I can be found at the Farmer’s Market, in my own garden, crafting something, or on a local beach or mountain.


SabrinaSabrina Westra, RM has been providing locum coverage in both our clinics and on-call over the past few months, and will continue to provide coverage from time-to-time. We are appreciative that Sabrina can join our team when we need some helping hands or a just a little rest between babies…so please join us in welcoming Sabrina Westra, locum midwife.

I knew I wanted to be a midwife after my very first appointment with a Vancouver RM when expecting my now 14-year-old daughter. The empowering visits and the way pregnancy and birth was treated as both magnificent, yet totally common and normal, really resonated with me and I knew I wanted to be a part of it forever. Since then, I’ve gone on to have 3 more children with the skilled, compassionate care of midwives, and feel so fortunate to be part of this global and age-old profession.

I trained in Ontario, receiving my midwifery degree from Laurentian University in 2009. My educational experience ranged from working in inner-city Toronto with a high-risk OB and neonatologists to serving Amish and Mennonite families and attending home births in the very rural farmlands of southern Ontario. Since beginning my practice in 2009, I’ve practiced in three provinces! Ontario at a large, primarily hospital-based practice, Alberta in an 80% out of hospital, birth-centre based practice, and now here in the Valley providing locum coverage for both local practices. No matter the setting or the clientele, the fundamentals of midwifery remain the same and helping families in their transitions is so very rewarding.

In addition to midwifery, I am Mama to 4 beautiful kids, ranging in age from 2.5 to 14. We settled in Cumberland in 2016, which felt like the closing of a circle for us as our family began on the West Coast. We love to garden, grow/preserve our own food, hike and swim wherever and whenever we can and I personally enjoy weaving, knitting and cooking. Thank you for the opportunity to serve this community as locum midwife!


While Jessica is on maternity leave, Janice will be joining our team!

My practice as a midwife arose from a deep call of the heart. My life’s work is to be in service to the wellbeing of women, babies, families, and communities. What started as a passion for science, women’s health, and natural healing, has since been shaped and strengthened by my own experience of giving birth and of becoming a mother. I am grateful for the countless moments of witnessing the extraordinary and sacred in this work.

I have been in practice as a midwife since 2000. I received my education at Maternidad La Luz, in El Paso, Texas and Ryerson University in Toronto. After completing my training I worked in community-based practices in the US and Ontario. In 2006 I moved to glorious BC and for the following 11 years practiced in Vancouver and Squamish.

My priority is to develop a trust relationship with a client that attends to the unique needs of each woman’s childbearing experience. I am committed to a woman’s right to be the primary decision maker in her care and advocate for information and choices to be provided in a safe and respectful environment. I bring close to 20 years of clinical experience combined with evidence-based practice to support and guide my clients through this pivotal time in life. As a Certified Lactation Consultant, I emphasize nutrition, breastfeeding and emotional support for new mothers and babies. I have a personal passion for studying cultural traditions surrounding the early postpartum period.

When I am not catching babies, I enjoy witnessing my daughter and garden grow, eating cheese, and going on adventures in nature with my partner and our two dogs, Cassie and Little Bear. I forward to caring for you with the amazing team at Plum Midwifery!
(I am happy to offer my services en Español)


Choosing Home Birth

The Association of Ontario Midwives has made a video for clients regarding choosing a home birth.


They can support you and your family through pregnancy and birth and while you raise your child, in conjunction with your Midwife.

The Right from the Start program offers support for pregnant women and new moms, their babies, children and families. Created by women, for women, we recognize that you are the expert of your life. This program offers services that will contribute positively to your pregnancy and new mom experience.

You can register with them prenatally online, drop in to 961 England Ave. in Courtenay or by calling 250-331-8520.

Public Health Nurses will see you in the hospital after you have your baby and will definitely call you when your baby is 6 weeks old and you are leaving our services. Some women connect with Public Health Nurses early postpartum for some extra supports.


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