CarlaA recent graduate from the UBC Midwifery program, Carla is excited to re-join Plum Midwifery as she looks forward to seeing familiar faces and continuing to build relationships with the families of the Comox Valley. She feels grateful to return as a midwife to her home community and work with her midwifery mentors.

Carla originally left the fields as an organic farmer to join midwifery school after her experience of supporting teen moms in rural Nova Scotia as a Birth Doula. The opportunity to connect, build relationships and to support people through the magical and transformative process of childbirth and parenthood, drew her to the profession.

Her education brought her to the big city streets of Vancouver, the remote islands of Haida Gwaii, and rural communities on Vancouver Island. As a student midwife, she combined her background in education, counseling and leadership to facilitate prenatal group care classes. Carla also has special interests in lactation and perinatal mental health, especially in rural areas.

Carla is also the proud mother of an energetic three-year-old, who has brought great insight and humility to her work as a midwife. When she is not catching babies, she delights in spending time in the kitchen, the garden, or the forest with her family.


As of September 4, 2018 … Our Cumberland Clinic has moved!

We are happy to announce the new location of our Cumberland clinic is at Cumberland Physio and Yoga (in the historic Frelone’s Grocery building) located at 2781 Dunsmuir Avenue, Cumberland.

All Tuesday appointments will be in COMOX
All Wednesday appointments will be in CUMBERLAND (including our Postpartum Mom-Baby Group)
All Thursday appointments will continue to be in COMOX (including our Prenatal Group)


20YearsMidwives have been registered in BC since 1998. This fun video celebrates the history of our founding “mothers”, including our own Joanne Daviau, RM! click here to watch the video.


First Midwives May 5th is BC Midwives’ Day and the International Day of the Midwife. Midwives in BC are also celebrating 20 years as Registered Midwives and 20 years later, BC continues to lead Canada in midwife-assisted births.

MABC released the following statement to mark this occasion –

Twenty years after the Government of British Columbia legalized their profession, BC’s registered midwives are playing a growing and integral role in BC’s maternity care system, improving access to pregnancy and birth services in rural, remote and First Nations communities, and assisting in more than 22% of the births in the province, the highest rate in Canada.

“The midwifery story in BC is about determined women advocating arm-in-arm for more choice and better access to maternity care options, often in the face of opposition, but ultimately succeeding, for the benefit of moms, parents and newborns,” said Jody Medernach, Acting President of the Midwives Association of British Columbia. “Starting with 29 midwives in 1998, today we’re proud there are 286 registered professional midwives providing quality prenatal, birth and post natal care to women, newborns and families in every region and health authority in the province.”

to read the entire news release
Pictured above are the original 29 registered midwives in BC, our Joanne Daviau being one of them!


Shared Care_April 2018

Our Emma Gledhill, RM took part in a Shared Care, Group Maternity Care Pilot. The Group Maternity Care Team of family physicians (Dr. Theresa Wilson and Dr. Sara Sandwith) and midwives (Emma Gledhill, RM and Liz Grose, RM) delivered a wonderful series of pre and postnatal Group Maternity Care sessions to a group of women and their partners this past winter. In January, 8 healthy babies were delivered.


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