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For 30 years I have been massaging backs, holding hands, placing cool cloths on hot brows, feeling tears on my shoulder of joy and sadness, whispering "you CAN do it", listening while people try to make decisions about birth choices which resonate with them, providing clinical expertise in difficult situations, witnessing radiance, resilience, giving hugs, love...

I bring  to this work all my life experiences:

I trained in London UK as a nurse and midwife in the hospital where Princess Diana and Kate delivered; In Canada, I caught Inuit babies in the Arctic; in Tanzania I trained midwives in mentorship. I am a mother of 3 boys, and a grandmother to a girl born this year. In a previous life I cycled across SE Asia, worked for mother Theresa in Calcutta, taught English in Japan, biology in Fiji, worked on a sheep station in Australia. I play the violin and LOVE nordic skiing and wild all year round cold water swimming. I keep chickens. I have a Masters in public health and a BSc in zoology.


I am here for you.

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